When celebrities arrive at a Film Premiere, they expect to have the Red Carpet rolled out! Think about the amount of effort which getting ready will take to prepare for attending such an event. Stars will spend a lot of time and attention to the smallest of details in order to make their best impression on the crowd.

Let me ask you one question: What makes the difference between one celebrity standing out over the many others? The answer is simple–the Movie Star hires a professional Stylist to help create their best look! You should make the same smart choice and think this way when selling your home. Hire a Professional Home Stager/Stylist!

Did you know?

Staged homes often sell for a nearly 10% increase in sale price compared with a non-staged house according to statistics.

The expertise of professionals will help your home stand out among the crowd of other houses for sale in your area. Through the use of color and décor accents and by using your own furniture or adding furnishings to a vacant home, we can help you capture the attention of discerning buyers. We will provide the best guidance for styling your home to sell faster and receive better offers! 

Be smart about your investment and hire a professional home stager to increase the selling potential of your home. The fraction of money spent towards a consultation and other services necessary will improve your chances to sell at your home’s best level!

Sellers want to create the look of a model home and this is not easily achieved without the help of a professional home stager. Because we are experienced with this type of design work, we can help improve your home’s potential to sell faster and for more money. 

Did you know?

A professionally staged home will often sell 50% FASTER in today’s real estate market than a house which is not staged. 

Often, many home sellers and realtors will state that they have already “staged” their homes only to find that the price will need to be lowered within weeks. The reason: The home seller usually cannot view their home objectively and the majority of successful Realtors do not have the design expertise or resources to properly stage your home.

There is a vast difference between a home that is simply cleaned and de-cluttered and one which is professionally staged! Professionally staging your home in this competitive real estate market makes good sense!

Remember – You want potential buyers to feel like you have rolled out the red carpet to welcome them across the threshold into your home!

And after a successful and quick sale of your house, we recommend using the service of a moving company, to move to a new house quickly and easily. You should definitely try this company.


Each client needs to begin with an initial consultation meeting with the designer. The first meeting lasts about an hour and a half as we review your home staging needs. Following this meeting, you will receive a nearly 30-page detailed consultation report designed for your home and will include suggestions and ideas for styling your home to beat the competition. The cost after the initial consultation fee of $350.00 will depend on what your home requires for staging and is usually less than the amount of your first price reduction.

Did you know?

Usually, for less than the amount of your first price reduction, you can hire Enhanced Interiors to stage your home!

At Enhanced Interiors & Home Staging, we work hard to give you our expert guidance and create the best first impression for your home and budget! Together, we will stage your real estate investment to catch the buyer’s attention and improve your selling potential in today’s highly-competitive market.

 Also pay attention to the moving process. As was mentioned earlier, the moving company is the best solution, In-House Furniture Movers will properly wrap your furniture, transport, unload and rearrange your furniture carefully.


We are here to help you style your real estate

to sell faster and for more money!

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