Getting In The Mood…. With Flooring

Getting In The Mood…. With Flooring

When people enter a home, or room in a home, their eyes generally focus on furnishings, the furniture, a picture or something unique.  Flooring is the step-child. But flooring is the mood setter for the whole home. 

So take time to set the right tone and mood with good flooring.  Flooring is one of six surfaces that makes up a room. With the wide selections available one can really create a great and lasting mood.  For example:


Stone is a very good flooring material especially for homes that are located in hot areas such as the desert.  Stone keeps a home cooler. Typical stone flooring include limestone; traverstine; polished marble; slate; granite; mosaic; porcelain and terracotta.  This is the high end of the cost spectrum but the investment will be worth it especially on the re-sale side when you wish to move to another home.  

Natural or simulated woods

Natural woods is an excellent selection and investment.  To-days’ simulated and laminate woods are also very good and reasonable.  Not only do they add good visual flooring texture, they are a much better product than their predecessors.  An array of choices include Brazilian cherry; bamboo; Victorian ash; Australian cypress; Tasmanian oak to name a few.

Carpeting and Tiles

Carpet tiles (modularize flooring) are good if you maximize a visual pattern.  Leather tiles create a soft and easy going look for a study, sitting rooms or library.  I once read where a dance studio used leather for its dance floor and had great success with its longevity.   

Carpeting can always be used and is a modest expense as a floor covering but it appears to be losing some of its market luster.  Simulated woods and wood flooring appear to be high on most peoples list.

Carpeting can be cut pile (less resistant to crushing); cut and loop (sculptured for durability); level loop net pile (Berber for example); and multi-level loop pile for high traffic areas.

A Good Mix Can Really Set The Mood.

Today area rugs, coupled with stone or natural woods are used extensively to define changes in colors or a break in rooms of a home.  Selection includes chic, twists, tweeds and Varese. 

Keep the walk flow in mind.

Start your flooring plan in the middle of the home and then add those materials that are similar, cohesive and do well with the homes traffic patterns.  Mix and match and you will see that flooring does set the mood.

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