What makes Venture Hall’s accelerator different?

Mike Sobol 0 Comments

This isn’t a three-months-to-demo-day-and-done manufactured pressure cooker. This is reality. Our job is to improve every startups’ chances of success, not merely make a great pitch. That takes a commitment to supporting each team on their journey.

In addition to small class size for personalized attention, we provide a killer curriculum developed in partnership with Village Capital, close corporate partnerships to get startups out of the bubble and improving their products faster, world-class mentors working side-by-side to challenge and advocate for startups, and a peer-ranking process that has been proven to crush the old-boy-network funding model.

Of course, our location in Portland, Maine is pretty unique, too: a small city with zero hassle, amazing restaurants, natural beauty, and incredible summer weather, all just 90 minutes from Boston.

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