What are the selection criteria?

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We will select teams using a series of evaluations:

1. Village Capital’s rubric for assessing a startup’s potential to make a significant impact in it’s market and to provide a high return on investment according to these nine factors:

  • Team
  • Vision
  • Value Proposition
  • Market Validation
  • Business Model
  • Product
  • Product-Market Fit
  • Scale
  • Growth and Exit

(Note: These factors are used to determine a startup’s potential, not to evaluate company maturity.┬áIn other words, a less mature company may have more potential to achieve large scale impact, than a company that has nevertheless reached more milestones to date.)

2. How well the proposed solution supports this year’s problem statement and aligns both with the resources of our partners and complements the rest of the accelerator cohort.

(Note: We do not limit applications to healthcare-focused companies. Often, solutions developed in one sector for one problem have strong potential to provide value in other areas.)

3. Timeliness, responsiveness and professionalism demonstrated in the application process.

4. A phone, video or in-person interview.

5. The team’s ability to have at least one member resident in Portland for the summer, and to attend required dates throughout the program, including the first week, starting June 12th, several key workshops in June, July and August and Demo Day, September 8th.

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