Semi-Final Video Submission

Congratulations on making it to the second round! This is your chance to help us know a bit more about you. The real you. We know this whole process can be nerve wracking, so we’re keeping this short and simple.

Just answer the questions below in one three minute video recorded right on this page.

Don’t worry about reciting a script written beforehand. Just talk spontaneously as you would to a friend. Remember, you know the most about your company. We need to hear off the cuff from you. So give us your best shot.

  1. Where are you in your founder’s journey?
    Tell us about where you are currently in your process of building your company. What do you see as you biggest challenge over the next six months?
  2. Why you want to be part of the Venture Hall accelerator?
    What will be the advantage for you and your team? What do you have to offer your accelerator classmates and corporate partners?
  3. Who are your customers?
    What top things do your users want? What are their highest priorities and concerns and how do you know? Where do your new users come from?

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After you submit your video, wait a moment for the pop up to confirm your video has been accepted.
If you’d like to retake it you can, but remember: keep it short and to the point. Thanks!