Announcing the Teams for Our Inaugural Summer Accelerator

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We are excited to announce the companies included in the 2017 inaugural class of our summer accelerator program. In March, we announced a critical partnership with MaineHealth and Unum to invite early stage startup companies to Maine for the summer and work with the partners to accelerate their progress. To be considered, companies had to have a working prototype and make it through a rigorous application and interview process. The selection of companies was also guided by the scope of their solution to support healthcare worker well-being, efficacy, engagement, and resilience.  

Representatives from MaineHealth and Unum each participated in the selection of the companies to be extended an invitation. Willingness to work with these companies this summer as mentors and advisors was part of the calculus of choosing which teams to invite. This program provides incumbent companies the opportunity to learn and benefit from fresh talent and perspectives.  Moreover, partners have a chance to gain competitive advantages and new insights in the race to adapt for the future.  

Seven companies from across the U.S. accepted an invitation to spend the summer in Maine working with Venture Hall and our partners. With four female founders in our class, the program is inclusive (and therefore stronger) by design, in a business area dominated by men. Venture Hall is Maine’s first program of it’s kind with a national draw: Two of the companies come from California, one each from Colorado, Texas and Missouri, and two companies are from Maine.    

“We’re incredibly excited to bring these teams to Maine to be a part of our accelerator program this summer,” said Jess Knox, President of Venture Hall, “each of these companies provide a real opportunity to explore different ways of supporting the resilience of frontline caregivers. We’re excited to get them here and start working with them.”

The program begins on June 12th and ends with a special demo weekend, September 8th. Our demo day will pull investors from all over, which Venture Hall expects to have a halo-effect on local investments. Companies will work at Cloudport Co-working Multispace where classroom sessions, mentors and speakers will support their progress. They will also participate in a variety of typical summer-in-Maine like events throughout their time in Portland. Details on public events will be announced via newsletter and social media accounts.  

“We spent a lot of time talking with each of these teams,” said Venture Hall COO, Elizabeth Buckley. “Our program will provide them with individualized support but they will also learn from each other by just being a part of the cohort.”

“The opportunity to work with MaineHealth and Unum yielded companies with a very serious pedigree,” stated Venture Hall CEO Mike Sobol,”having graduates of other internationally known startup accelerators like TechStars Los Angeles and Boomtown in Colorado really speaks to how the opportunity is viewed by serious founding teams.”

Members of the 2017 Accelerator Class

Welnys, Texas – Wellness provider marketplace and dashboard for employers

Livzo, California – Wellness support and tracking platform for employers

Ella, California – Pain management app based on mindfulness exercises

Cliexa, Colorado – Chronic condition management apps

Janus Choice, Missouri – Platform for choosing and enrolling in post-acute care

SpinDocs, Maine – Artificial Intelligence paperwork filing that integrates with EMR

Rockport Medical, Maine – SmartSharps sensor-enabled medical needle systems


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