What We Do

We create the conditions for change.

At Venture Hall, we believe in the human capacity to change for the better. That’s what innovation is, and it’s what every entrepreneur is trying to achieve: real changes that make our future better than today. But creating change through innovation is hard, and building new, viable companies around those innovations is even harder.

Our mission is to create the conditions for aspiring entrepreneurs to deliver rapid, scalable, sustainable change. We do that by convening the necessary talent, insights, connections and capital entrepreneurs need to prepare themselves, their teams and their products to make an impact on their chosen markets.

From world-class training, to experienced advisors, to working alongside corporate partners, Venture Hall is about more than the start; it’s about the journey. Through our partnership with Village Capital, we use an evidence-based process to help innovation-driven entrepreneurs gain a clear line of site to reaching new milestones, and eventually, to realizing their vision.

Who We Are
We’re entrepreneurs and innovators. We’re mentors, teachers and risk-takers. We’re like you: We don’t just talk about change, we go out and make it.

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Innovation starts by understanding the world in which you operate. All of it. Not just the problem, not just your idea. You. Your capabilities. Your competitors. How your market works. You don’t undertake an expedition on a whim. We’ll prepare you.


Cold. Hard. Facts. Effective entrepreneurs live in the land of evidence where the pursuit of truth leaves no time to waste. You’re discovering diamonds, or you’re not. We want you to find real diamonds, not just shiny objects.


Where does the evidence point you? The direction you choose is as much a function of your vision as it is the evidence you uncover. Charting the right course is difficult, given that no one has been where you intend to go. We’ll help you choose.


Rocket ships are awesome. Every innovation-driven entrepreneur wants their company to be one, so many act like it before they’re ready, then crash and burn. Successful launches are massively collaborative. We’ll help you convene the resources to drive action.

How We Do It

We roll up our sleeves, right along side you.


  • From the big concepts you need to learn how to start a startup, to the specifics of execution like code school, customer discovery, marketing and management.

  • Venture Hall classes run the gamut from beginner to advanced because, with the right education, anyone can learn to innovate.


  • See further. Move faster. Make progress. Everyone needs someone to lean on. All the better when that someone has been in your shoes (or has been where you want to go).
  • Advisors and mentors are a vital part of our innovation ecosystem. We provide the structure and the venue, they provide the expertise and insight.


  • Lean Startup Conference Livesteam,
    1 Million Cups, Graveyard of Broken Dreams and many more… get tapped into the startup world right here.

  • We curate and host some of best startup events for learning, networking, challenging your assumptions and most importantly, being inspired.


  • For the most promising teams, our highly selective 3-month summer accelerator in the heart of Portland, Maine, takes advantage of our unique set of strengths:

  • World-class mentors, an internationally recognized curriculum, strong corporate partnerships, and of course, an unbeatable location: Maine in the summer!

Why We Do It

Because one good idea could change everything.

We live in an amazing time– a time when billions of people have access to information like they’ve never had before. That information creates opportunities. Opportunities to learn, collaborate and solve our greatest challenges.

Where will the next big idea come from? If you believe what venture capital investments tell us, the best ideas must all belong to a select few people in three states, including very few women or people of color. And yet, studies show that diverse perspectives make us smarter, that innovation happens in unlikely places.

We’re building Venture Hall because no one owns the best ideas. The power to innovate and create rapid, large-scale change is not a magical quality of the chosen few. It’s a process that can be taught and applied by anyone, anywhere. Our job is to ensure more people have the opportunity to access the training,  funding and support they need to create exciting new innovations.

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