From day one Venture Hall has been a champion of Maine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, one of several proof points that Maine’s innovation economy and its unique startup ecosystem is at an exciting inflection point, ready to take flight.

We are proud to have contributed to this infrastructure, designed to lift aspiring entrepreneurs to the next level.

One of our founding members has resigned for personal reasons. Venture Hall was largely driven by the spirit and drive of the two founders, but the CEO, Mike Sobol, and the board made the difficult decision to cease operations.

We are confident that our ecosystem is deep and robust enough that another organization will emerge to continue this important work with a clear vision and a new brand.

Thank you to all the people who supported Venture Hall, our funders, our experienced volunteer advisors, the promising entrepreneurs embarking on their ventures and other supporters working behind the scenes who lent their skills and support.

For more information:
Christen Graham, Giving Strong